Self-loathing Narcissist

Kicked off my shoes and tripped acid in the rain

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Anonymous asked: do anything spesh 4 ur birthday?

Woke up at 7am and went to rough trade with my dad. Then went and brought him a pint and then my fam came and we went out for lunch. Got home and then went out that night to a pub with my mates then to the jazz cafe in Camden for 90s night. Was really fucking good

Last selfie at 17. The whore on the fridge

here is a picture of me in front of my favourite piece of graffiti in the world
i do not know why I am stood like that

Cory Kennedy - Fakie Bigger Flip

reflection in the mirror by BudhaBar

Мишка gets sicker and sicker with every release.


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swedish is a very beautiful and deep language



Ben Frost


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First legal drink and didn’t even get carded

Yoooooo, it’s my birthday and I’ve had 2 hours sleep